Makes it easy for you to send your suggestions and advice to the Government of Gujarat and helps build a dialogue on these ideas. It stores the collective wisdom of all – from India or abroad, making it easy to reach out to the ideas with ease when their time comes. And lets people know the action taken on their suggestions.

If you ever had a piece of advice for the Government of Gujarat and wondered whom to send it to, you are not alone. There’s Sumeet Vyas, Parag Sharma, and many, many more.

Can I know the experts’ views?

There is a monthly online forum with the concerned government officials, government experts and experts from across the world brainstorming on a chosen topic. Your suggestion may even be the topic of the forum for the month. If it is, then you can be a part of the forum. Look out for the topic of the month. It will be posted on the site soon.

Where do I provide feedback regarding the Bank of Wisdom?


You can provide your feedback regarding the Gujarat Bank of Wisdom at – The Government of Gujarat has listened to your advice always. Now it has systematized the entire process so that every valuable suggestion is at hand.

The Gujarat Bank of Wisdom reaches out to you by helping you reach the Government. And stores ideas and advice for use today and tomorrow.


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