The initial idea was to study the response of this experiment and overcome the initial teething troubles and also enable the active involvement of the MSKs for getting valuable, practical suggestions and feedback to eventually make this a viable, sustainable operation. 80 MSK have been set up so far – the list of which is enclosed. 

Gujarat Bank Of Wisdom Projects

Gujarat Bank Of Wisdom Projects

The feedback, so far, is very encouraging and we have received over 100 applications for setting up these MSKs at various locations. NABARD has also carried out a feasibility study giving an overall positive response to this activity based on which banks are in the process of giving finance to those units (MSKs) requiring loans. 

The initial “proof of concept” software which was developed by CCEG, Ahmedabad is now developed on a professional basis by an Internet Solutions Provider, Adit Microsys Pvt. Ltd., identified by GIL (Gujarat Informatics Limited), the nodal IT implementation agency of the Government of Gujarat. We are also receiving some help from UNDP and NABARD for capacity building and exposure visits for the MSK operators.

I. In respect of transactions of citizens with the government as many as 200 forms have been made available the forms along with a checklist giving details of documents to be attached with the form at the time of submission. For the district level offices which have declared the citizen’s charter, all the forms and checklists have been made available as a print-out at a prescribed fee. Details of the office to which each of these application forms are to be submitted are also indicated along with the time prescribed for the disposal of the application.

III. The web-enabled version of the Gujarat Geographic Information System (GGIS) developed by RESCO giving details of the resource availability in terms of 95 parameters of every village of the district is available on a query-based system.


VII. We are currently working towards the use of these centers for the payment of utilities (GEB bills) which would be tried out on a pilot basis shortly.

VIII. Opinion Poll on important issues pertaining to the public

IX. Chat with the Ministers and Senior officers of the district.

X. Access to other important sites.

XIII BPL List (Below Poverty Line).

In addition to all the features mentioned above, the citizens will also have access to various web- sites including the GR book application of GIL. 

Project Conception

Impending desire to apply IT at the grassroots.

Approached CCEG-IIMA for developing a � proof of concept. 


The project has now been worked on for a period of 15 months since October2000

Project Goals


Periodic display of the progress/status of schemes and plans.

Right to Information

Empowering the consumer of information.

Demystifying the office

Addressed with due support & access mechanisms


Focus on leveraging existing infrastructure for the project with minimal additional costs/resources:

Currently operational at 80 masks. 

53 STD PCO’s and such other outlets


26 Dairies

An additional 100 STD/PCOs & 100 Dairies to be operational


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