Can I register my grievance through this website?

No. The Gujarat Bank of Wisdom is a forum for receiving suggestions from experts and laypersons alike. A grievance cannot be registered through this forum. “TeleFariyad” and “SWAGAT” are 2 means to register your grievances.

You can also submit your grievance online through the official website of the Government of Gujarat, within its Citizens Section. Please do not register your grievance through the Gujarat Bank of Wisdom.

 What are the topics for the discussion boards?

• Science & Technology


• Industries & Mines

• Energy

• Petrochemicals

• Finance

• Health

• Water Resources

• Ports & Fisheries

• Agriculture

• Forests & Environment


• Primary Education

• Higher & Technical Education

• Women & Child Development

• Rural Development

• Tribal Development

• Urban Development

• Roads & Buildings

• Labour & Employment

• Food & Civil Supplies

• Information

• Judiciary

• Revenue


• Sports.

Why do I need to register to give my suggestions?

Registering online will help us know the background from which your suggestions are made. This would enable us to have a fruitful interaction with you. You need to register just once and you can submit all your suggestions thereafter. You don’t need to provide further details about yourself once you are registered on the website.

 What happens after I provide my suggestions?

Your suggestions are very valuable for the Government of Gujarat. After receiving your suggestions, they will be crystallised and conceptualised to bring them to the levels of implementation.

Your suggestions may also be posted on the website so that others can see them too and give their inputs. This will help in evaluation and analysis of your suggestions through a healthy discussion before implementing them. Working simultaneously is a well-established set up of monthly review of work-in-progress.


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