Welcome to the discussion board. This is a place where you can post your suggestions for the Government of Gujarat. Your suggestions will be posted on the site so that others too can give their inputs on them.

You can also participate in a monthly chat forum where the government officials, experts from the government as well as from across the world would be on the forum having a discussion on the topic of the month.

If your suggestion is selected as the topic of the month, you would be invited to be a part of this forum. Role of ICT in Rural Development Key issues for discussion on Role of ICT in Rural Development.

Issue of information infrastructure, access to information, and supporting ICTs for the rural population. Role of ICT in poverty alleviation and rural development with emphasis on opportunity creations for rural youth. Role of ICT in Agriculture sector with an emphasis on weather forecasting and crop pattern decision support mechanism

Issues of language, culture, and socio-economic issues with an emphasis on training and capacity building of rural population


Role of ICT in the improvement of the social sector like Health, Education with emphasis on girl child and literacy among women. Role of ICT for improvement in governance at village levels like land records, panchayat, and taluka services

Please Sign up to provide your valuable suggestions. To provide suggestions on the topic of the month write “Topic of the month” in the subject. Those providing suggestions and comments on the topic of the month will be invited to be a part of an online chat forum based on the merit of their suggestion/comments.


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