Loans Against Shares & Securities

Loans Against Shares & Securities

Individual: To meet contingencies and personal needs, for subscribing to rights or new issues or Purchase in the secondary market.

Maximum loan: Rs 10 lacs against paper securities, Rs 20 lacs against dematerialized securities.

Share & Stock Brokers (Registered with SEBI): Need-based overdraft facility or line of credit against shares and debentures. Held as stock in trade.

Maximum loan: Rs 25.00 lacs.

Market Makers: Need-based finance for market operations


Maximum loan: Rs 25.00 lacs

Corporate borrowers: For meeting promoter’s contribution in the equity of new companies in anticipation of raising resources. For working capital and other productive purposes. TOWARDS MARGIN WHILE SETTING UP NEW PROJECTS OR EXPANSION OF EXISTING BUSINESS, pending mobilizations of long-term resources.

Eligible Bank Finance Share: 50% for paper shares/70% for demitting shares or 52 weak low prices, whichever is lower.

Convertible Debenture/Unit: 50% for paper securities, 70% for demitting securities of the market. Value or NAV or repurchase price, whichever is lower


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