KISAN CHAKRA Scheme Pattabhi Agricard

KISAN CHAKRA Scheme Pattabhi Agricard

Features of KISAN CHAKRA Scheme


Existing borrowers who are owner cultivators have a minimum of 2 acres of double-cropped area / 5 acres of the single-cropped area.

Amount of Finance:

75% of the cost of the two-wheeler vehicle, inclusive of life tax and insurance, etc. Subject to a maximum amount of Rs. 30000/-will be considered under the scheme for purchase of two-wheelers of standard make from authorized dealers. Minimum of 25% of the vehicle cost including Insurance and life tax.



10 Half-yearly installments linked to the harvesting season along with the production credit liability and investment credit installment.


vehicle to be hypothecated to the bank. ‘C’ Book Endorsement incorporating Bank’s lien. Insurance with Bank’s clause. Suitable guarantee of the third party.

Pattabhi Agricard

The Kisan Card is proposed by the Govt. of India and a Model, the scheme is developed by RBI. We have added additional features to make it Truly Farmers’ Friendly.

The cardholder can draw Cash and purchase agricultural inputs like seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. against the Card. The cardholder is also covered with an Accident Insurance Benefit of Rs.1,00,000/- governed by the Bank’s Insured Current Deposit Scheme.

Features of the Andhra Bank Pattabhi Agricard



Individual Farmers who are Owner Cultivators.


The Limit is valid for 3 years.


Additional finance to the extent of 10% of the eligible scale of finance to meet post-harvest/household expenses. A revolving credit limit will be fixed based on the credit requirement and the scale of Finance.

Interest& Other charges

As per the rates/rules in force. Interest will be paid at the SB rate on the minimum credit balance in the account from the 10th to the last day of the month.

Operational Features

A photo card-cum-pass book will be issued with the card holder’s signature/Thumb impression. The Card is valid within the District where it is issued. The Cardholder can draw cash as per his requirement from any of our branches in the District. The literate Cardholder can purchase agriculture inputs from notified dealers in the Mandal to the extent of sub-limit sanctioned.

The Cardholder has to sign the charge slip while purchasing inputs from notified dealers. Multiple credits and debits into the accounts are permitted. The card issuing branch will notify the licensed input dealers.

Other Conditions


The Card should be used by the cardholder only. The cardholder should pay all the amounts debited to the account based upon the vouchers of branches and bills of input dealers. The cardholder should collect the original bills and copies of charge slips/vouchers from the input dealers /branches. A broken/damaged card shall be replaced at a nominal charge. Loss of card should be intimated immediately to the issuing branch.


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